With the Ouchless® Needle we have not only eliminated the pain, we've also eliminated the waiting period that's involved with using numbing creams, freeing up staff and allowing patients to be in and out in just minutes.

The Ouchless® Needle is designed to work ergo-nomically with a syringe and can be used by either right or left handed practitioners for single hand injection.

The Ouchless® Needle models now fits
most standard and proprietary syringe sizes used for toxins and fillers, including for Botox,® Dysport,® Juvederm,® and Restylane®.
For about the same price as you are now paying for time-consuming and messy creams, you can offer your patients the comfort of state-of-the-art pain reducing technology.
Introducing the Ouchless® Needle, designed specifically to provide patients a less painful dermal filler or neurotoxin injection.

This patent pending Ouchless® Needle is a disposable syringe-attachable dispenser that delivers a precise stream of numbing vapocoolant to the skin just ahead of the tip of the needle just before the skin is pierced, and does not leave patients with post injection numbness.

Until today, medical practitioners administering dermal filler or neurotoxin injection could only use ice or time consuming numbing creams to reduce their patients pain.

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